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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Treatment for Tinnitus

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy can help you successfully deal with both the symptoms and (in many cases) causes of Tinnitus.

* I went to see Andrew because my Tinnitus was entrenched in my conscious mind and it was making it difficult to sleep at night (constant ringing, etc.). After 1 session the improvement was remarkable – I had taught my mind not to focus on the internal noise I heard.I never have sleeping problems now – I certainly would recommend Andrew to anyone who sought my opinion on this matter
Benjamin Rowntree – Management Consultant


* [My tinnitus]… i’ve had times when i haven’t heard it. It definitely has calmed down at night, I hardly hear it now (it is very faint or not there), which is really nice to get some peace at night! Hopefully it will carry on, it has definitely improved and it doesn’t distract me as much as it did.
Louise, School Teacher (comments made after 4 sessions)


* Dear Andrew, I won’t be needing our appointment next week, as it is much better now and has virtually gone away.Many Thanks!
D.F., Lawyer, London, (message received after the second session)

For the symptomatic relief of Tinnitus, hypnosis & hypnotherapy can often be extremely effective.


Using some basic techniques, you may be able to discover surprisingly effective ways of reducing, controlling or even eliminating your awareness of your Tinnitus symptoms.


Once learned, these techniques are fairly easy to apply and can be put to use in almost any situation, even those ‘quiet’ moments when your symptoms are often at their worse.


What can you expect to notice afterwards?
In an ideal situation, you can expect the overall level of your Tinnitus to appear to decrease and turn down, so that it no longer seems to be so intrusive. In some cases you may even be able to ‘turn it off’ for periods.


Is this genuine? Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy really help with Tinnitus?
In many cases, absolutely. There is no ‘magic’ involved and this is not necessarily a ‘cure’ in medical terms. Using this particular approach the hypnosis and hypnotherapy can primarily help you reduce your awareness of the Tinnitus – like not noticing the humming of your computer – until of course you draw your attention to it.


Different approaches, however, can use the calming and relaxing effects of the hypnosis itself to help you reduce stress – one of the primary aggravators of Tinnitus symptoms – as well as resolve any underlying emotional issues which are often contributing factors.


Will this work for anyone? Can everyone be hypnotised?
The principles and techniques are applicable to all Tinnitus sufferers, though the results achieved will vary from person to person.


Most of the symptomatic-relief techniques do involve an element of self-hypnosis, which you will be able to learn during the sessions, and anyone who wants to experience self-hypnosis, can – so there is no need to worry about not being able to be hypnotised.


How long does this take? How many sessions will you need?
You would normally allow an average of 3 or 4 sessions to cover this properly, spread over a few weeks, but more will be available if required. Sessions last approximately 1 hour each.


What are the fees?
Fees are explained here.


When and where are the sessions held?
Sessions are held at 1 – 7  Harley Street, London W1G 9QD (for directions please click here).


Appointments are available daytime, evenings & weekends.


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* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person