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Tinnitus Treatment MP3 Downloads.

 If you are interested in trying hypnosis and hypnotherapy for your tinnitus or ear noise, but are unsure about committing to  treatment, it might be a good idea for you to try out this self-hypnosis programme first, to get a feel for what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is all about.
Tinnitus Relief ProgrammeIt contains 12 different self-hypnosis recordings that you play throughout the day, or as you go to bed, or whenever convenient.
Based on my 25 +years experience as a Professional Hypnotherapist, plus my several years involvement in Tinnitus Research, it is a complete “Tinnitus therapy in a box.”
It aims to help you…
  • Ease the symptoms of tinnitus by learning how to relax very deeply, fast.
  • Control your emotional reaction to Tinnitus, so you can feel more at peace and in control.
  • Begin to retrain your brain away from the sound and back into life once again.
  • Stimulate neural plasticity to begin healing and repairing your hearing and auditory system.
 In a study by the Noise Hazards Institute of Israel,

“73% of self-hypnosis subjects reported a disappearance of their symptoms during treatment”.

 A further, more recent study showed that “88.2% of Chronic Tinnitus Patients, and 90.5% of sub-acute Tinnitus Patients” showed a highly significant response to hypnosis.
To receive the same benefit yourself, you can download all the files right now.
Payment is by credit/debit card or paypal, and costs only $197.
To order, click below and after payment you will be automatically taken to the download page where you will have access to all the recordings.

Tinnitus Relief Programme

Best wishes,
Andrew Parr

Professional Hypnotherapist – Tinnitus Researcher.