Feelings and Emotions

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy will help you overcome destructive feelings and emotions.

Hi there Andrew.

I am completely impressed with the after effect of my session with you…it’s weird!!! It just feels as though this fire has been put out and what would have previously bothered me just hasn’t so far. What ‘s even better is that I feel much happier in general, I’m not walking about in a state of elation but I just feel happier, that’s all I can say!

CA, Teacher. (London)

If your feelings and emotions sometimes get the better of you, or you feel overwhelmed by them, there will usually be an underlying cause or reason. Using special hypnotherapy techniques, we can help you resolve the underlying triggers and causes, so you feel more calm, more relaxed and more contented within yourself.

These are some of the most common areas we help people with in relation to overwhelming feelings and emotions.







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Andrew Parr London Hypnotherapist

Andrew Parr