Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for Children

Dear Parent/Carer,

If your child is suffering or not as happy as you feel they could be and you’ve run out of ideas, you may be interested in a fascinating and innovative technique that has proven extremely effective in treating a wide range of children’s problems, including irrational fears, bed-wetting, and ‘difficult’ behaviour to name but a few.

Very often, as a result of just one or two sessions of hypnosis for children, many such problems disappear “as if by magic”, leaving both child and parents feeling greatly relieved and better able to get on with life.

“Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to let you know that Jordan had her end of year play last night and it was a complete success!
She spoke beautifully, clearly and loudly – she was an absolute star. I had so many parents approach me afterwards, expressing their admiration for her.

Thank you so much for helping Jordan with her stutter. She has made amazing progress and getting through the play without a hiccup has done wonders for her confidence.

Should she need another session in the future, I will be in touch. Thank you once again, you have made such a difference.

Kind regards

Julie Collins”

Children typically respond very well to this special form of hypnotherapy, and these are some of the most common areas we help children with.

Child Anger/Rage

Bed Wetting

Being bullied or bullying

Fears, worries and anxieties

Habits or behavioural Problems

Nail Biting


School Issues


Sibling Rivalry

Sleep Problems



… and more.

The list is not exhaustive so if you are at all unsure if we can help, please just ask: andrewp@professional-hypnotherapy-london.co.uk

 What is this hypnosis (hypnotherapy) for children & how does it work?

 It is based upon a highly effective form of hypnotherapy and simply helps the child to resolve ‘inner worries’, which can very often be the cause of unusual – or undesirable – behaviour. These inner worries may sometimes seem very trivial from an adult point of view, but to the child can often seem overwhelming.

 The very valuable added advantage of this approach is that the child does not even need to discuss their ‘problem’ if they don’t want to. Which is extremely useful in cases where, for example, the child finds it difficult to talk about what he or she is going through.

 Is this a new treatment?

 Although not widely known about the treatment has, in fact, been around for some considerable time in various forms and is completely non-invasive, non-intrusive and entirely safe. The majority of children also find it an enjoyable, pleasant and even interesting experience as it employs a skill that all children are naturally very adept at – imagination.

 (At the end of a session, it has been noted that most children open their eyes with a very big smile on their face!)

 Have you helped many children in the past?

Yes. I have helped a considerable number of children over the years and greatly enjoy doing so.

 Can you help children of all ages in this way?

No. I really only work in this way with children of about 7 years and upwards.

 Can I stay with my child while it is taking place?

 Yes, of course. In fact I request that for all children under the age of 15, one parent or guardian must be present throughout.

 Can you really hypnotise children?

Absolutely. In fact they are brilliant at it – much better than most adults. Children generally find the state of hypnosis very natural and very pleasing. It is really no exaggeration to say, “They love it.”

 What actually happens? What does it entail?

In most cases the Hypnosis For Children initially consists of 2 sessions. In the first session I will get to know your child, introduce them to hypnosis and carry out the first stage of the treatment. In the second session I will fine-tune and reinforce everything we did in the first session. This takes place at the parents’ discretion, but is usually about week or two weeks later. The majority of children that respond well to this treatment feel benefit within the first two sessions. However, on occasion, some follow-up sessions may be required.

 How long does each session last and where do they take place?

The first session lasts somewhere between 45 minutes – 1 hour, whereas follow-ups may be around 30 minutes – 1 hour. The sessions take place in a quiet and peaceful room within my practice in Harley Street, Central London.

What is the fee?

Fees are detailed here. A range of payment options is available to help spread the cost, if required, but no child will ever be refused treatment on financial grounds. (If you are interested but worried about money – please let me know!)

 How can I be sure it will work?

Because of the very individual nature of each child’s symptoms or problem, it is impossible to make any promises or guarantees with regard to individual cases. However, if your child’s problem is caused by a personal, emotional or psychological issue, using Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) for Children, there is a very high probability of a good, successful outcome.

How will my child feel afterwards?

That’s a difficult question to answer because it really depends so much on his/her reason for coming here. Most children leave feeling a little sleepy but very relaxed.

What’s the next step?

If you have any further questions, please do email me: andrewp@professional-hypnotherapy-london.co.uk.

Or if you are interested in going ahead and would like to book an appointment, please do call my personal receptionist on

 0845 226 7123

and she will take care of everything for you.

 Many thanks and best wishes,

Andrew Parr London Hypnotherapist

Andrew Parr