Childhood Issues

If part of your childhood has left it’s mark and is still affecting how you think, feel and behave nowadays, you will always feel trapped or held back in some way, frustrated at not being able to move on. However, there is a way to resolve these issues so that you can finally leave them in the past where they belong, and hypnotherapy/hypnosis is extremely effective for doing that.

It is not about ‘forgetting’ – it is about letting go of the emotional attachment or limiting beliefs that were caused by it, and as you do that, your emotional body catches up with your physical age. As a result you can begin to feel less like a nervous or angry child, for example, and more like a relaxed and confident adult.

These are some of the most common areas around childhood issues that we help with.

Childhood Abuse

Physical Abuse



Growing up around alcoholic parent(s)

Growing up around physical violence

Being bullied at home by siblings/family

Being bullied at school

Sexual Abuse

Feeling unloved/unwanted

Feeling useless/not good enough

… and more.

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Andrew Parr London Hypnotherapist

Andrew Parr