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SkypeNosis – Online Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Via Skype

With improvements in Internet speed you can now experience a full hypnotherapy or hypnosis session using SKYPE or FACETIME, wherever you are in the world, and these work just as successfully as being in the clinic.


SKYPE is a free programme that allows me to talk to you, via your computer. FACETIME is similar, for Apple products.


One-to-one Private  SKYPE/FACETIME sessions are arranged directly with me, at a mutually convenient time, which may be day-time, evenings or even some weekends.


To discuss arranging your SKYPE/FACETIME sessions please contact me directly


I will then contact you within 24 hrs to arrange the time.

Any questions, please just ask.


Best wishes,
Andrew Parr


If there is something holding you back in life, there is a good chance I have already helped someone like you, and can help you too.